michael block

owner / head coach

– Diplom Strength Coach, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kettlebell instructor, Personal Trainer 


As a kid I was pretty lazy and my life was dominated by playing video games, comics and junk food. Nevertheless, sport has always played a big role in my life as well. I always started working out a lot and stopped just as quickly. I started weight training at the age of 16, but rather badly than well. In my early 20s, as a chubby young man, without discipline, I started boxing. I became an active fighter and won my first fights. The ambition and the flame inside of me were kindled! After an injury, I had to end my career early, so I started CrossFit with the determination to compete as an "elite athlete". After a few months, I quickly realised that I wanted to dedicate my whole life to coaching and helping people achieve their goals. This is directly related to my choice of education and my desire to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle. As a coach, I strongly believe that a person who wants to get better needs to master both physical and mental aspects of their sport. Also, part of my core values is to ensure that my athletes grow with integrity, fun and focus on the goals set.


owner / Manager

- CrossFit Level 2

Burgener Strength Olympic Weightlifting Coach          

- Personal Trainer

- Fußball & Football Preseason Coach


I have been a sports enthusiast since I was a kid. I played team sports such as basketball and football for over 20 years and have now been an active Crossfit competitive athlete since 2014. I rounded off my great interest in this sport with the Crossfit Level 1 certificate.

Therefore, I am happy to be able to pass on my enthusiasm and experience to you.


That being said, 3..2..1.. GO!!!